WildBuck USA RWB Hats (Red White Blue)

WildBuck™ USA Red, White and Blue Hats

WildBuck™ symbolizes the untamed spirit that lives deep down in us as hunters.

We have always been blessed to hunt wild and free in the greatest nation thanks to the brave men and women of our Armed Forces.

We bring to you WildBuck USA dedicated to those who came before us and those who continue the fight now and in the future for our right to hunt in this great country.

WildBuck honors our Veterans and is proud to support Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization with 10% of all WildBuck USA proceeds going directly to the Hero Celebration Program.

We are spiritually healing combat Veterans through hunting and fishing adventures.   Thank you for your support!


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Carlos Riojas is the Creator of WildBuck and contributor and editor to various entities in the outdoor industry. He was fortunate to be introduced to hunting and fishing at a very young age where he grew up in a small rural town just southwest of San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys the beauty, serenity and excitement that is had in the wild waters and woods of Texas. His passions are hunting, archery, fly fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and wildlife photography. His favorite animal is the Whitetail Deer.

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