Are High Fence And Low Fence Deer As Different As Most People Think?  Let’s Jump The Fence And Learn All About Deer Behavior Behind High Fences.

EP 04: High Fence Vs. Low Fence – Can You Really Tell The Difference?  Deer Behavior With Haiden James Mensik

Show Notes:

South Texas hunting guide and consultant Haiden James Mensik gives us an in-depth perspective on deer behavior behind high fences and whether or not deer behavior is dictated by the height of fence they are behind.


  1. You have hunted, guided and observed native and exotic wildlife all over south Texas.  Once hunters get acquainted in the bow or rifle stand, can they tell whether they are hunting High Fence or Low Fence?  Do the deer behave any different?
  2. So if we blind folded a hunter, drove them in the ranch and got him or her setup in the bow or rifle blind – do you think they could tell how high the fence they are hunting based on deer behavior?
  3. Deer behavior isn’t dictated by the height of fence they are behind.  For example: there are many LF deer that are comfortable around humans.  And vice-versa, many HF deer are extremely wild and tough to even get a shot at – bow or rifle.  Can you shed some light on this?
  4. Reverting to their wild ways.  On “stocker bucks” being released.  Once stocker bucks are released to pasture they revert to their wild ways within weeks if not days and become a challenge to hunt just as the other native pasture deer.  Do you agree with this?
  5. We were talking earlier about the hunting shows you exhibited at when you brought along the 200″ mounts and the reaction some people gave you out of state.  Talk about how passionate some hunters are about hunting free range, Low Fence only.
  6. Let’s get one thing straight about High Fences – they are no guarantee to keep deer in, they are more of a deterrent or management tool.  Do you have any stories that come to mind about bucks escaping high fences?

The High Fence Vs. Low Fence discussion is a highly debatable and controversial topic that will always be around.  Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, one thing is certain – we are all in this hunting industry together.

Find out more about LF and HF hunting in South Texas with Haiden James Mensik at:

High Fence - © Tejas Ranch & Game Fence

Cover Photo: High Fence – © Tejas Ranch & Game Fence

Low Fence - © Oscar Caballero

Cover Photo: Low Fence – © Oscar Caballero

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