How CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease Is Affecting Deer Hunting As Well As The Lives Of Our Beloved Whitetail Deer In Texas 

The Truth About How Chronic Wasting Disease Is Affecting During Hunting With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter gives you the complete run down on How CWD – Chronic Wasting Disease Is Affecting Our Deer Hunting, Venison Consumption And What We Can Do To Preserve Our Hunting Heritage


1. What exactly is CWD?
2. What wildlife does it affect?
3. Does it affect Exotics?
4. What CWD testing options are currently available?
5. What does a Post Mortem test consist of?
6. What does a Live Test (Ante Mortem) consist of?
7. Why is TPWD putting down breeding facility deer if live testing is available?
*8) Is it in your opinion more deer die at the hands of TPWD than CWD itself?
9) Is there a vaccine the government could miraculously produce that could provide a preventative or cure?
*10) Does meat from a CWD POSITIVE deer affect human consumption?
11) Why do hunters have to stop and test their deer at these check stations?
12) Is there any way to get around having to stop at these CWD Check Stations?
13) How far do you see government entities taking CWD?
14) Do you think TPWD could start randomly entering hunting ranches and start testing deer?
*15) What can we ranchers, hunters and breeders do to keep our way of life, our heritage or livelihood going?
16) Why is TPWD turning up their nose to CWD evidence?
17) Has there ever been legal action or litigation regarding CWD, the people and TPWD?
18) If you could speak with or present scientific information to TPWD – What would you tell them?

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