This Tasty Exotic Found In The Wild Of Texas Looks Like The Devil, Runs Like The Wind And Tastes Like Heaven.

EP 03: Hunting The Elusive Blue Devil Of South Texas – Nilgai Hunting With Ryan Longer

Show Notes:

Hunting Guide and Cpt. Ryan Longer gives us an in-depth perspective on Nilgai Hunting and discusses the challenges of bringing down the elusive Blue Devil of South Texas.


  1. Tell us all about these Blue Devils running wild in South Texas.  These are not exactly fenced, these are wild, free-ranging Nilgai – is that right?  Word is, these Nilgai are a nuisance to some.  Can you talk about that?
  2. Let’s talk about Nilgai table fare.  Their meat is one of the most prized and sought after.  Tell us about the meat. 
  3. Talk about the several methods to hunt Blue Devils – spot and stalk, deer blind, safari style.  Are they even possible with a bow?
  4. Nilgai are alert and elusive, they can be a tough challenge to even get a shot at.  What’s it like hunting Nilgai?
  5. Exotic Hunting in Texas is open year-around – When is the best time to hunt Nilgai?
Nilgai Bull - "Blue Devil" - © OATH INC

Nilgai Bull – “Blue Devil” – © OATH INC

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