Protein Pellets, Cottonseed Or Food Plots – Which Is Best?  In This Video We Visit Biologist Macy Ledbetter At A South Texas Protein Station To Find Out Which Protein Source Is The Best Bang For Your Buck.

EP 09: Is Supplemental Feeding Worth Your Investment With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter gives you the complete run down on Supplemental Feeding and whether or not it’s worth your investment.


1. What is the fastest way for a buck to regain peak body condition after the rut?

2. And the reason why you want bucks to reach peak body condition is, before they can grow to their maximum potential antler-wise, they must first be in peak body condition?

3. When we say “Supplemental Feeding” the most popular form is the Protein Pellet, closely followed by Cottonseed. There’s also plant-based Protein plots.  If you could only feed one which would you feed and why?

4. Why feed Cottonseed along side Protein pellets?

5. How important is it to have water available near the Protein station?

6. There is a push to feed “year around”, but for some of us it isn’t financially possible.  If you had to pick, What are the most important months of the year to Supplemental Feed?

Not only is the habitat in the worse condition, but bucks are also in their worst body condition this time of year.  Would you agree bucks are in their worst body condition in January and February?

This is one of the most information-packed videos you will see on Supplemental Feeding.  Everything you need to know about what protein source to feed and when to start!

Visit Spring Creek Outdoors for more on Supplemental Feeding and wildlife services from Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter.

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