How To Grow Big Pasture Born Bucks And Prevent Losing Mature Bucks After The Long Rut.

After deer season many hunters tend to forget the most important time to grow the big deer we desire to hunt is the Off Season.

Natural mortality along with inadequate nutrition claims many mature bucks you let walk during the season.  By taking a page from seasoned Ranch Managers and Stewards of the land who consistently grow big wild deer year after year, we all can prevent losing big bucks by taking proactive measures and making Protein available right after the rut.

The most vulnerable time of year for Whitetail Buck survival also coincides with the most difficult time of year nutrition-wise.  By January and February, most green vegetation is dry and dead from a cold and dry winter.  As well, in many regions even South Texas, hard freezes kill off forage, forbs, legumes and tender under grass deer feed on.

© Brett Holden | Double Down Deer Feed

Cover Photo: “Pre Rut” © Brett Holden | Double Down Deer Feed

Combine this with traveling miles in search of receptive does, fighting off young invaders and not remembering to eat or drink for days at a time results in bucks being in their worst physical condition than any other time of year.  Many die or are chased down by predators, namely coyote packs.

© Brett Holden | Double Down Deer Feed

“Post Rut” © Brett Holden | Double Down Deer Feed

By starting Protein pellets and even Cottonseed during this crucial time of year will allow your bucks to regain peak body condition giving them a jump on growing bigger antlers, or as we say here in Texas “horns.”

The foundation for a big healthy rack, is a big healthy body.

© Carlos Riojas | South Texas

© Carlos Riojas | South Texas | WildBuck

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