The One Thing That Is More Important Than Protein This Time Of Year And How To Attract Deer From Miles Around.

Throughout Texas and down to Mexico from June – September many parts of the region become hot, bone dry and natural water sources become depleted.

It is during these months deer and exotics are pushed to their limit.  Not only does natural forage dry up, but ponds, creeks and rivers run dry resulting in deer, exotics and other wildlife having to travel greater distances for water exposing them to predators, motor vehicle collisions and other dangers.

The stress of drought conditions, triple digit temperatures, nursing fawns and growing antler will cause deer to migrate to greener pastures if their home area isn’t conducive to surviving the difficult Summer.  This includes a reliable water source accessible daily near protein stations, feeding and bedding areas.

Doe and Fawn Drinking Water | Jamie Sells

Doe and Fawn Drinking Water | Jamie Sells | South Texas

In times of drought when creeks, rivers and ponds run dry, a strategically-placed water trough along known trails, feeding areas and bedding areas can keep deer and exotic wildlife from having to travel long distances for water…and more importantly keeps wildlife from straying off your property.

What’s more, if your property is the only property with a reliable water source during these times, this water source will attract more deer and wildlife from miles around.

Texas Gemsbok | Paul Johnson | Los Encinos Ranch

Texas Gemsbok | Paul Johnson | Los Encinos Ranch – Cover Photos

In parts of Texas and Mexico, deep wells, storage tanks and water troughs are the only means to sustain wildlife during the unforgiving Summer months.  Otherwise known as “Pila” in deep south Texas and Mexico, these essential water sources attract and hold wildlife from miles around.

Water Trough Buck | Rancho Alto Bonito

Water Trough – Pila  | Oscar Caballero | Rancho Alto Bonito, Mexico

To grow the big bucks we all desire, not only must we become responsible hunters, but more importantly, stewards of the land who ensure deer, exotics and wildlife have the resources readily available year-around to prosper and thrive in our region’s ever-changing conditions.

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