Got A Hog Problem? These Are 5 Of The Most Exciting Ways To Hunt Wild Hogs.

No other wild animal has taken over our state and country quite like feral hogs.  All across the south, from east to west and rapidly spreading to our northern states – these invasive species wreak havoc on native wildlife, habitat, livestock, farms and even our homes and landscaping.

It seems as though, the more we kill, the more they propagate.  Let’s take a look at 5 hog hunting methods that will help you control the problem in your area.

5) Night Vision (Infrared and Thermal Imaging)

Infrared and Thermal Imaging is the stealthiest method of hog hunting.  With the opportunity to locate herds of hogs in complete darkness – multiple hunters can setup and coordinate shots to increase kill rates.  Although infrared and thermal imaging is a very effective hog hunting method, night vision equipment comes with a hefty price tag.  For this reason many hog hunters opt for our next method…

Thermal Hog Hunting - GON

Thermal Imaging – Georgia Outdoor News

4) Low Visibility Night Lights (Red and Green Hunting Lights)

Feral hogs are primarily nocturnal and one of the most thrilling methods to hunt wild hogs is using low visibility red or green hunting lights. 

(The debate is still up in the air – Red or Green?  Many hog and predator hunters swear by red, while others stand by green).

The consensus however – both red and green are highly effective.  Hogs and predators seldom notice the lights on them.


Red and Green Light Bars

3) Spot and Stalk

Whether rifle, pistol, compound or traditional bow… even spear – spot and stalk hog hunting is one of the most intense, heart-pounding hunting experiences.  Spot and stalk hog hunting can be done day or night on foot or motor vehicle.  Sneaking up on a big boar in the wild can be one of the most intense and unpredictable situations.  They can become offensive and charge danger head on.  When catching a big boar by surprise – you gotta be ready for anything!

Spot and Stalk -

Spot and Stalk Traditional Archery –

2) Hog Dogs

Hog and Predator hunters are a breed apart and nothing satisfies the wild side quite like releasing the dogs on a big ol’ nasty boar!  Hog Doggers are dedicated year round to the breeding, raising and caring of their prized dogs.  A lot of time goes into the raising and training of a good hog dog.  A hog dog is faithful, loyal and will sacrifice its life for their owners.  For this reason, hog dogging can be one of the most rewarding hog hunts to take part in.

Hog Dog Ambush Xtreme

Hog Dogs – Ambush Xtreme

1) Heli Hog Hunting

When it comes to tracking down big boars in hard-to-find places, not much compares to having and aerial view.  In recent years hog hunting from a helicopter has taken on a mainstream approach.  Outfitters and wildlife control agencies now book heli hog hunting as a service to farmers, ranchers and landowners as well as an action-packed hunting adventure.

With so many methods to hunt wild hogs and wild pork being one of the tastiest table fares – we hope you take the opportunity to enjoy one of these action-packed hog hunting adventures.

Carlos Riojas is the Creator of WildBuck and contributor and editor to various entities in the outdoor industry. He was fortunate to be introduced to hunting and fishing at a very young age where he grew up in a small rural town just southwest of San Antonio, Texas. He enjoys the beauty, serenity and excitement that is had in the wild waters and woods of Texas. His passions are hunting, archery, fly fishing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and wildlife photography. His favorite animal is the Whitetail Deer.

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