Find Out Why The Biggest Bucks Are Killed During The Worst Droughts And What They Eat To Help Them Grow Big Antlers During Major Dry Spells.

EP 10: Why Are The Biggest Bucks Killed During The Worst Droughts With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter gives you the complete run down on Why the biggest bucks are killed during the worst droughts and the outlook for this deer season.


1. We are living through one of the worst droughts in years as many parts of Texas have received less than three inches of rainfall all year.  As a result, most natural water sources are dry and bucks are unable to consume natural protein found in native green vegetation.  As bad as this sounds, many old timers and life long hunters will tell you, your biggest bucks are killed during the worst droughts.  As ironic as this sounds, WHY are the biggest bucks killed during the worst droughts?

2. If these bucks aren’t eating forbs, browse and other native vegetation (cause it isn’t available) what are they eating that’s helping them grow so big?

3. As land owners and hunters in a year like the one we are experiencing, what measures can we take to alleviate this natural disaster deer and wildlife are enduring?

*Reinforcing the importance of Supplemental Feeding.

4. Given the fact it’s been a rough year overall for wild pasture deer, would you suggest land owners harvest less deer this season than they would on a good bountiful year?

During the 2018 “Antler Growing” season, the habitat across Texas and beyond suffered one of the worst droughts experienced in many years.  Find out why it will be a great year for hunting big bucks.

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A big thanks to Old Mexico Hunting Resorts for the bar and booth hospitality, Butch Ramirez Wildlife Photography, Boxie Kallina Wildlife Photography, The Holden Pasture and Texas Buck Registry.

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