There Is No Stopping Texas When It Comes To Becoming The Exotic Hunting And Big Game Capital Of The World.

The one thing about hunting in Texas, everything on your bucket list from native trophy Whitetail, big bugling Elk to the long list of exotic species that now call Texas home can all be hunted in our great state.

Unlike other states or even countries – Texas has a variety of suitable regions with climates and terrains similar to that of the African, Indian, European and other foreign lands in which exotics come from.  This allows exotic wildlife in Texas to prosper and more importantly reproduce much as they once did in their native homeland.

On any typical hunt in Texas (both free range and private), it is not uncommon to see both native Whitetail and Exotics roaming throughout the hill country, west Texas and south Texas. Cover Photo: Paul Johnson | Los Encinos Ranch

Blackbuck and Whitetail Buck - Los Encinos Ranch

Blackbuck and Whitetail Buck – Los Encinos Ranch

For those craving the sights and sounds of hunting African big game but don’t want to miss out on the Texas wild flowers in the Spring, we have a little something just for you.  White Bearded Wildebeests and wild flowers in deep south Texas.

The south Texas climate is suitable for many African Plains wildlife and allows them to prosper in conditions similar to those of their native homeland.

Wildebeests and Wildflowers - Los Encinos Ranch

Wildebeests and Wild Flowers – Los Encinos Ranch

Perhaps the most alluring sound to all big game hunters, a bugling Elk in early Fall echoing in the low canyon is music some hunters wait their whole lives for.

In addition to an abundance of Elk on private ranches, Texas is also home to a healthy population of wild, free ranging Rocky Mountain Elk in the Glass Mountains of west Texas.  On over 80,000 +acres of Glass Mountain range, open season or state drawing for Elk hunting in Texas is available.  Although Texas is open season on Elk, it is suggested the finest Elk hunting occurs in September and October during the rut when bugling bulls can be heard echoing throughout the beautiful Glass Mountains of west Texas.

Double Diamond Outfitters - West Texas Elk

Double Diamond Outfitters – West Texas Elk – © John Rogers

As you can see, our magnificent Texas has it all.  Native, Exotic, African Big Game and Western Wildlife all call various regions of the great state of Texas home.

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Bugling Elk Sagebrush Hat

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