Are You Having A Hard Time Getting The Buck You Want To Come To Your Feeder?  Follow This Tip And It Will Increase The Amount Of Deer You See Near Your Stand.

Like most hunters, we learned to set up a single feeder per hunting stand.

Primary Feeder

Primary Feeder

What most hunters fail to realize – a single dominant doe and a single dominant buck will almost always control that feeder and each will not allow other does or bucks to feed.

By observing deer closely, you will notice dominant does only allow their yearling fawns and maybe last year’s offspring to feed along side them.  Other adult does will often be fended off. Likewise for big bucks especially during the Rut.

Keep in mind, the biggest buck with the biggest rack is not always the dominant buck.

THE SOLUTION: Setup a secondary feeder about 30-40 yards from the main feeder preferably tucked along some cover.  This secondary feeder can be a 5 gallon feeder that’s easily setup and maintained.

The secondary feeder will give those bucks and does pushed away from the primary a chance to feed and you the opportunity to scout more deer.

Filling Five Gallon

Quick Fill

This primary and secondary feeder setup gives you more hunting options and the opportunity to see more wild game. Not only will this setup bring in more deer, but this could be the very feeder your big, elusive buck will come into.

5 Gallon Bucket Feeder

Secondary 5 Gallon Bucket Feeder

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