This Is One Of The Rarest Battles You Will See In The Wild Of Texas.  A Whitetail Buck and Axis Buck Do Battle In The Texas Hill Country!

In Texas, Whitetail deer and Axis deer have cohabited since the early 1900’s.  While most of us hunters and wildlife observers have witnessed many occurrences out in the field – not many will top a Whitetail Buck fighting an Axis Buck.

Axis, also known as Chital have adapted well to the climate and terrain of Texas. Throughout the Texas Hill Country and many parts of South Texas, Axis run wild and prosper among the native Whitetail.

Many of us have witnessed intimidation behavior or quick sparring between the two species, but never a legitimate brawl.  The best estimation is this brawl is a territorial dispute as Whitetail and Axis cannot cross breed.

To our knowledge, this is the first documented Whitetail Buck vs. Axis Buck fight caught on film.  Enjoy!

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