This Is Why Texas Is Becoming The Exotic Hunting Mecca Of The World.

When it comes to exotic hunting, there is no disputing Texas is becoming the exotic hunting mecca of the world.  From world-class Whitetail Hunting to Exotic Hunting of nearly all trophy species – Texas alone is giving Africa and the world a run for its money.

Much like Africa, Texas is vast and offers suitable terrain for all exotic species to thrive.  Let’s take a closer look at 10 Exotic Hunts that will make you glad you are from Texas.

10) Aoudad

The western hill country and west Texas is known for wide open views and tough hunting.  One of the toughest exotics to hunt is the Aoudad.  They are very alert, wary and just when you think you’ve worked yourself in range, they make yet another move.  When it comes to Aoudad hunting, you will battle tough terrain as well as their sharp wits.

Aoudad run wild in many parts of the western hill country and west Texas.  Some even consider them a nuisance in certain areas.  A mature Aoudad’s shaggy neck and long, curled-back horns make one of the nicest mounts for your entrance or living area.

Aoudad -

Aoudad –


9) Fallow Buck

Fallow deer quickly established a free-range population in Texas when introduced back in the early 1900’s.  Their color varies from solid white, sandy blonde to tan with white spots resembling that of the Axis deer.

Fallow bucks are the only deer species that grow palmate type antlers which are characterized much like that of a moose.  These characteristics make Fallow bucks one the most beautiful mounts you will ever place in your home.

Fallow Buck - Rock Creek Ranch

Fallow Buck – Rock Creek Ranch


8) Nilgai Bull

One of the most intimidating exotics you will encounter in the wild of Texas is the Nilgai bull.  In many parts of south Texas Nilgai are free ranging and run rampant in wildlife parks and sanctuaries.  Nilgai bulls stand approximately 5 feet at shoulder with another two to three feet of massive neck muscles.

Perhaps even more appealing is its tasty table fare.  There are some arguments that Nilgai is the best table fare of all exotics.

Nilgai Bull

Nilgai Bull


7) Axis (Chital)

When it comes to exotic hunting in Texas, one can’t help but think about the familiar spots of the Axis deer.  Axis were one of the first exotic species introduced in Texas back in the early 1900’s.  Since then they have thrived throughout the Texas Hill Country, western hill country and parts of south Texas.

In addition to its beautiful white-spotted coat, tall, wide antlers – Axis venison is said to be the tastiest table fare in Texas.

Axis Buck - Stone Creek Ranch

Axis Buck – Stone Creek Ranch


6) Oryx Gemsbok

The Gemsbok is one of the most colorful exotics you will ever have the opportunity of hunting anywhere in the world.  They are widely hunted for their spectacular horns that average 33″ in length.  Gemsbok are one of the few antelope species where female trophies are sometimes more desirable than males.

Their long black horns, black and white face mask with black legs and white stockings are very distinguishing and appealing to many exotic hunters.

Gemsbok - Cotton Mesa Whitetail

Gemsbok – Cotton Mesa Whitetail


5) Blackbuck

Blackbuck are common to India and Pakistan where they inhabit grassy plains and desert mountainous regions, thus making Texas a suitable home for this popular exotic.

Coloring on mature bucks is blackish-brown along top half of body.  Males have very appealing horns that are cylindrical, spiral and ringed throughout ranging in length between 18-27″.  Blackbuck are a popular exotic in Texas both for their table fare and beautiful trophy presentation.

Blackbuck - Premier Ranch Texas

Blackbuck – Premier Ranch Texas


4) Oryx Scimitar Horned

The Oryx Scimitar is a species of Oryx now extinct in the wild of Africa.  It once inhabited the semi-desserts and desserts of Northern Africa where it adapted to live in extreme heat and low rainfall areas making it right at home here in the Lone Star State.

Its ivory coat with reddish brown chest and black markings on forehead coupled with long, curved spiral horns reaching over 40″ in length make them one of the most sought after exotic trophies in Texas and all over the world.

Oryx Scimitar Horned - Indian Head Ranch

Oryx Scimitar Horned – Indian Head Ranch


3) Addax

The Addax also known as the white antelope is a Critically Endangered antelope species native to the Sahara Desert.  They are very well adapted to exist in desert conditions as they can live without water for long periods of time.  This heat and low water tolerance make them right at home in many parts of Texas.

Addax have long, twisted horns with a nice wave midway up that reach a whopping 37-43″ in males.  Their color ranges from grayish-brown with white hind quarters during Winter and sandy to completely white during Summer.

Addax - G5 Hunting Ranch

Addax – G5 Hunting Ranch


2) Eland Bull

The Eland is found in the savannah and woodlands of eastern and southern Africa.  They are built like a Brahma Bull and naturally alert and wary making them a challenge and thrill to hunt.

Much like their body, Eland bull horns are thick and contain a series of twists on the bottom half and finish off with a sharp point at the top. Bulls have a dark brown to black patch resembling a mane on their neck region and white pin stripes down their body.  They are truly one of the most exotic trophies you will ever hunt!

Eland Bull - ExoticHuntinginTX

Eland Bull – ExoticHuntinginTX


1) Kudu Bull (Greater Kudu)

Kudu are a woodland antelope found throughout eastern and southern Africa.  Declining habitat, deforestation and poaching have resulted in a decline in numbers through recent years.

Kudu bulls have large manes running along their throats and body color ranging from gray to deep blue and even reddish brown with 4 to 12 stripes along their torso. The head is slightly darker with two large horns each with two and a half twists reaching 46-48″. Words do not do these beauties justice, one simply must experience a face to face encounter to understand their true beauty!

Kudu Bull - Cotton Mesa Whitetail

Kudu Bull – Cotton Mesa Whitetail

Exotic Hunting in Texas is open year round and the opportunity to harvest an exotic trophy comes down to choosing which wild adventure you want to go on.  Get out there and find your wild!  #WildBuck

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