WildBuck™ is proud to partner with great organizations and companies who share the same core values of making a difference in the great outdoors.  We go above and beyond to fulfill our passions of contributing in the great outdoors and delivering on products and services that help hunters, sportsmen and women have an enjoyable and successful hunting season.  Please support our partners by visiting and learning what they do for our hunting industry.

Orange Corn Company

Products:  Orange flavored and scented deer corn and Trailpheez Deer and Wildlife Attractant

Company Overview:  Orange Corn Company farms and produces orange flavored and scented deer corn.  From the seed to the shelf, Orange Corn Company cultivates, grows and harvests their corn crop on the nutrient-rich grounds of Rio Medina, Texas where it is sacked, packed and shipped to your nearest retailer.



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Mission:  To provide a “one-stop shop” for anything you need to know to about exotic game animals — from basic i.d., behavior, etc. Plus, provide a comprehensive guide to exotic outfitters, breeders, capture specialists and taxidermists across the country and around the globe.

Company Overview: is a hunting site/forum/social network for exotic game hunters, breeders and enthusiasts. We aim to bring exotic hunters together unlike anything you’ve seen before!

Share your exotic hunting experiences and let us help you find your next one!

“The Hunt Goes on Forever and the Season Never Ends!”



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Trinity Oaks 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization

Mission:  Giving back to make a difference in the lives of others. Hunting and outdoor activities that positively affect our community.  (A percentage of all WildBuck USA sales goes directly to the TO Hero Celebration Program to help take wounded Veterans on hunting and fishing adventures.)

Organization Overview:  Trinity Oaks is a 501(C)3 non-profit organization. We use hunting and other outdoor activities to positively affect inner-city kids, our wounded war heroes, hungry families and individuals, and countless others who can benefit from this unique ministry of giving.



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WildBuck Media

Mission:  It is our mission to help companies make a difference in the great outdoors.  Delivering inspirational hunting content and digital media for companies serious about making a difference in the outdoors.

Company Overview:  The WildBuck network reaches passionate outdoor enthusiasts who seek informative, educational and entertaining brand messaging. Our focus is delivering inspiring content that brings value to both client and outdoor enthusiast.

Contact us about featuring products and services on our social / web media network as well as having a custom written Advertorial to reach thousands of passionate sportsmen and women throughout Texas and the United States.

WildBuck™ – Inspirational media for the great outdoors. Web Development, Copywriting, Social Media, Photography and Lead Generation.



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