The Most Important Practice To Growing Big Bucks On Your Property – How To Age Bucks On The Hoof Before You Pull The Trigger.

EP 08: How To Age Bucks On The Hoof Before You Pull The Trigger With Wildlife Biologist and SWTJC Wildlife Management Program Coordinator Bob Zaiglin

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist and SWTJC Wildlife Management Program Coordinator Bob Zaiglin gives you an in-depth perspective on How To Age Bucks On The Hoof Before You Pull That Trigger.


  1. Most hunters have a general idea of how to Age Deer On The Hoof (ADOTH), but in the heat of the moment especially with buck fever setting in, the only thing we hunters focus on more than anything is size of antlers.  When it comes to ADOTH from a hunting perspective (tree stand or deer blind), what are the most important things to look at to get an accurate age?
  2. Most seasoned hunters and guides can age a deer pretty quick, I’d say in under 3 seconds, but not every hunter is experienced enough to Age a deer on the hoof that quick – what would you tell us hunters how are learning to age deer a lot faster to focus on?  How can we speed up the process?
  3. Speaking of Aging and Harvesting – what age would you say is the ideal time to harvest a buck in a wild, free-range low fence property where perhaps the land owner doesn’t take supplemental feeding as serious?
  4. On the same token, what would you say is the ideal age to harvest a buck on a more management-minded fenced property where an established supplemental feeding program is in place?
  5. I’d like to touch on a sometimes sensitive and controversial topic in our hunting industry.  There tends to be a division between low fence and high fence hunting.  Many of us are passionate and die hard low fence, fair chase hunters while others are don’t mind and even prefer management-intensive, fenced hunting.  With this, there is often a negative perception towards well-managed properties as if there is no challenge to a hunt on such properties.  Can you “mend the fence” if you will or talk to us about how important it is for hunters to stick together and support hunting as a whole?
  6. What a wealth of deer management information.  Bob Zaiglin, thank you for talking with us, it is an honor to have you on the WildBuck Podcast.  How can we learn more about your wildlife photography, services and everything you do as the Coordinator for the Wildlife Management Program at Southwest Texas Junior College?

Growing big bucks is more than Protein stations and Cottonseed feeders.  Knowing the right age to harvest deer along with selecting the desired genetics to let walk determine the size and quality of bucks on your property for years to come.

Visit Zaiglin’s Wildlife for more photos, articles and resources on growing big, healthy deer.

Bob Zaiglin Cover Buck

Cover Photo: © Bob Zaiglin – Buck In Rut

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