Learn How To Tell If A Spike Will Be A Spike His Entire Life Or If He Has Potential To Grow Into A Big 8 Or 10 In A Few Short Years.

EP 07: How To Tell If A Spike Will Always Be A Spike With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter sits down with us at the Texas Deer Association Annual Convention in San Antonio and tells us how Spikes can grow into big 8 or 10 point bucks in a few shorts years.


  1. This happens every season.  While we are patiently waiting on the buck we let walk last year, guess who walks out first – Mr. Spike.  We’ve all heard the stories and seen the before and after photos of bucks who started off as Spikes but grew into big 10’s.  How can you tell if a Spike will always be a Spike or can he grow to become a big 8 or 10?
  2. What causes a Spike to be a Spike?  Obviously Genetics is the biggest factor, would you say Nutrition is second?
  3. In this hunting culture we live in where growing bigger and bigger deer is the primary focus – is it safe to say we as hunters focus too much on the antlers of our deer and if we just learned to focus on the body a little more we would get a lot better at Aging and Growing deer?
  4. Many hunters cannot fathom a skinny 1.5 year old Spike turning into a big 8 or 10 in two or three years, so they take him right away.  What would it take for this 1.5 year old Spike to grow into a big 8 or 10?
  5. So if you see a Spike on a 1.5 year old body, you know he has several years to improve.  But if you see a Spike on a 5.5 or 6.5 year old body, more than likely he may always be a Spike?
  6. Macy, thank you for answering these critical questions we hunters face every season.  How can listeners get in touch with you to learn about your wildlife services?

Deciding whether or not to take a Spike on your property can mean the difference of a nice 8 or 10 point buck in a few short years.  Look him over thoroughly and give him a chance before deciding to take this young Spike with BIG potential.

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Hardy Jackson | Campos Viejos Ranch

Cover Photo: © Hardy Jackson | Campos Viejos Ranch – South Texas

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