Learn How Double Down Deer Feed Produces Amazing Growth Results Year After Year In Wild, Free-Ranging Deer From Creator And Founder Brett Holden.

EP 01: A Protein Chat With Double Down Creator Brett Holden

Show Notes:

Brett Holden gives us an in-depth perspective on some of the components in Double Down Deer Feed and how it produces amazing growth results year after year.


  1. What does Double Down Deer Feed contain that keeps producing amazing growth results year after year in wild, free-ranging deer?
  2. Double Down is a formula you personally developed.  Fill us in on how and why you got started making Double Down Deer Feed.
  3. There are some rumblings that Double Down is a little more than other Protein.  Tell us why that is and why it is worth it.
  4. Tell us more about the Holden Pasture South Texas Deer Lease.  This is a native, low-fence property correct?

Find a list of Double Down dealers: www.doubledowndeerfeed.com

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