How Orange Corn Was Created And The Crazy Things Bucks Have Done Just To Get A Taste.

EP 05: How To Attract Big Bucks With Orange Corn Company Founder Michael Haby

Show Notes:

Orange Corn Company Creator Michael Haby tells us the story how he came up with Orange Corn and the crazy things he’s witnessed deer do just to get a taste of Orange Corn.


  1. Tell us the story about how you came up with Orange Corn – the Bliss Ranch, the orange tree, and tossing orange peels from the deer blind?  *What year did you officially create Orange Corn?
  2. What do you think it is about Orange Corn that makes it so effective at attracting big bucks?  It works great with everything – Exotics, turkey, hogs, you name it, it works.
  3. What is your current distribution – you’re currently in most of Texas and doing some shipping nation wide?
  4. Orange Corn Company has a new product coming out called TRAILPHEEZ.  Tell us more about TRAILPHEEZ and how it works.

Visit for the new TRAILPHEEZ pouches by Orange Corn Company.

Orange Corn Bags and TRAILPHEEZ Pouches

Orange Corn 50 lbs with TRAILPHEEZ Pouches

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