The 5 Irresistible Deer Attractants Proven To Drive Big Whitetail Bucks Crazy Every Hunting Season.

At some point or another, many of us hunters have tried at least one if not several of the many deer attractants available on the market today.  Whether we are watching our favorite hunting show, reading our favorite hunting magazine or scrolling our social media accounts, we can’t seem to avoid the latest pitch from the next deer attractant on the market promising to bring the big, elusive bucks in before dark.

In the competitive deer attractant industry, a few companies have proven their value and more importantly have produced results for the hardcore deer hunter.

Before you pull the trigger on another deer attractant, take a look at our top 5 deer attractants proven to drive big Whitetail bucks crazy.

1) Orange Corn – Orange Flavored & Scented Deer Corn

Farmed and produced by Orange Corn Company based in Texas, orange flavored and scented deer corn has quickly become the go-to solution for attracting big, mature and hard-to-hunt bucks.

In this day in age, very few companies can say they produce 100% of their product by the time it reaches the hands of their consumer.

From the seed to the shelf, Orange Corn Company combines the traditional hard-working values of Farming by cultivating, growing and harvesting their corn crop on the nutrient-rich grounds of Rio Medina, Texas where it is sacked, packed and shipped to your nearest retailer.

From hunters of all ages looking to harvest that trophy of a lifetime to bow hunters simply seeking that perfect close-up shot, Orange Corn Company is revolutionizing the deer attractant industry with products that attract all wildlife made right here in the U.S.A.  Learn more about Orange Corn Company Products here:

Orange Corn 50 lbs Bags

Orange Corn 50 lbs Bags – Orange Flavored and Scented Deer Corn

2) Double Down Deer Feed Protein

Many hunters believe Protein’s sole use is January – September during antler growing season to help bucks recover from the rut and grow bigger racks.  While that is Protein’s intended use, many hunters fail to realize Protein pellets are a BIG deer attractant that keep big bucks returning to your area all year long.

Peanuts are a cornerstone in the Double Down Deer Feed ration, and those of us who have hunted South Texas know how much deer love peanut fields.  Not only is Double Down a complete mineral package, but the attracting power make Double Down a year-around supplement and attractant.  Locate dealers:

Double Down Deer Feed 50 lbs Bags

Double Down Deer Feed 50 lbs Bags – Complete Mineral Package and Attractant

3) Big & J

“The Aroma Is Super Strong. The Range Is Super Long!”

Big & J products are prepared with proven nutritional ingredients and designed with state-of-the art supplements to ensure that even when products are being used as attractants, deer are getting that extra nutrition they need to stay healthy and strong.

When you buy a bag of Big & J Whitetail deer nutrition products, what you see is what you get. The ingredient list is noticeably small. The formulation of deer supplements is designed so that animals consume and retain what they need from Big & J products without adding a ton of gimmicks to make them eat it. Many of these added gimmicks are not beneficial for deer in the long run.  Find all Big & J products:

Big & J - BB2 Granular

Big & J – BB2 Granular | Attract More Deer From Farther Away

4) Tecomate

Tecomate is a standard in the deer attractant and supplement industry. 

Tecomate Mission:  To inform, equip and assist sportsmen with dreams of owning and managing their own recreational property and a desire to be better stewards of the land and wildlife God entrusted to us.

The Tecomate Food Plot System has ushered in a new era in wildlife management, one in which landowners themselves are empowered to greatly improve their wildlife populations and habitat and increase their hunting success and outdoor enjoyment. The concept is simple: By planting the right plants in the right way, food plots can be used to grow more and bigger bucks; attract and hold deer in a specific area; and relieve pressure on the native habitat so that it actually improves… to the benefit of all wildlife species!

Tecomate Max-Attract

Tecomate Max-Attract – Hunting Plot Mix

5) Apple Flavored Attractants

Apple flavored attractants have been around for years and many long-time hunters stand by apple being a deer’s favorite flavor.

A variety of apple flavored products have been created through the years including the long-standing Apple flavored deer corn, apple scented liquids, and apple scented blocks.

Apple Scented Deer Corn

Apple Flavored Deer Corn

Originally published on Wide Open Spaces by Author and WildBuck Creator Carlos Riojas – See Article

Rising Orange Corn Buck | © Donny Geyer

Cover Photo: © Donny Geyer | Orange Corn Company – “Irresistible Scent”

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