The Key Differences Between Cottonseed And Protein Pellets And How They Work Together To Grow Bigger Bucks With Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter.

EP 02: How Cottonseed Can Help Grow Bigger Bucks With Biologist Macy Ledbetter

Show Notes:

Wildlife Biologist Macy Ledbetter gives us an in-depth perspective on Cottonseed – the Pros, the Cons and how it can help grow bigger bucks.


  1. Cottonseed is a topic many a hunters and ranch owners debate whether or not to feed.  Let’s start with the Pros – Why should Cottonseed be fed and does it really help grow bigger bucks?
  2. There are some Cons to Cottonseed.  What should hunters and ranchers be aware of when feeding Cottonseed?  Find out how long Cottonseed causes sterility in bucks and learn when to stop feeding it to ensure a healthy fawn crop.
  3. As with all Nutrition and Supplements, there is a cost.  Why feed both Cottonseed and Protein pellets?  Why not just one or the other?
  4. If someone is interested in starting a Cottonseed program, when is the best time of year to start feeding it and how should it be introduced?
© Macy Ledbetter | Spring Creek Outdoors

Cover Photo: © Marty Berry | Spring Creek Outdoors

Protein Station - Cottonseed & Pellets | Rancho Alto Bonito, Mexico

Protein Station – Cottonseed & Pellets | © Oscar Caballero – Rancho Alto Bonito, Mexico

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Cottonseed: The Good & The Bad by Macy Ledbetter

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